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    There is nothing more empowering than being able to check at any moment that you are on the right track.

The first benefit comes from planning your life, based on rational information

The second benefit comes from greater ability to separate truth from misinformation.

The third benefit may come much later when you learn to conciously navigate through life in a direction of your own choice.



An absolute understanding of everything. - Simply achieved by using the concept of balance at every level,

from Justice through Finance, Law, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, to the basic equation of the Universe, from which all else can be derived.

Some people drift through life, others navigate.

There is already a rational scientific explanation for the phenomenon of existence itself. Not only why our World exists but also why there is such a thing as existence in the first place.

The explanation is entirely mathematical, but an understanding of that explanation can be reached without the need for great mathematical skills, by anyone who is prepared to put their effort into really understanding the much simpler concept of balance.

This one skill alone will be your greatest help, in both navigating through life itself and also in finally discovering for yourself the answer to the ultimate riddle of existence.

What sort of person would you have to become in order to gain an absolute understanding of your own existence?

Could the person you are now actually handle such understanding?

What new code of ethics would you need?

We all get just one chance at this life.

Will we blow it all at the advice of others who have no idea what it is really about?

Or will we find out for ourselves what it is all about, before making any careless decisions?

If you really wish to improve your World you must first understand it.

NIJJIN PHILOSOPHY will be offered in 2017 as a series of ten monthly workshops of approximately one hour each .

Each workshop will cost $100, non refundable with the exception that you may discontinue at any time and that particular last workshop becomes refundable.

You may later continue where you left off at any time by repeating that workshop.

Timing and venues of workshops will vary depending on the numbers interested, in any particular location.

Inquires should be phoned in the first instance to 0064-9-946-63-69


We provide a forum to enable like minded people to fully understand their own existence then order their lives accordingly, free of superstitious or religious dogma.


Ma Taai Research Limited


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Rawene, Rd 3,
Kaikohe 0473
New Zealand

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